Telugu vs Jaipur IKL 10 Match: Vision11 Prediction And Analysis

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The game between Telgu and Jaipur in the Indian Kabaddi League (IKL) is gonna be so exciting! Both teams are really strong and have great strategies. It’s gonna be a thrilling display of Kabaddi skills and smart moves! Can’t wait to see it! Indian Kabaddi League Schedule is going to bring so much fun! When the players shake hands and the fans cheer, it shows the real spirit of Kabaddi. This sport brings people together, no matter where they’re from. It celebrates qualities like bravery, never giving up, and being a good sport. Kabaddi is amazing!

Telugu vs Jaipur IKL 10 Match Details

Date: 16th February
Day: Friday
Venue: Tau Devi Lal Huda Sports Complex, Panchkula, Haryana
Time: 9:00 PM

Telugu vs Jaipur IKL 10 Players Overview

Bengal from West Bengal, are a really strong team with a lot of skill. They have experienced captains and players who are great at attacking and defending. They’re determined to win and show their strength. The Telugu, from Telangana, are a really tough team. They’re known for being strong and having a lot of style. They have amazing players and always put on a show. They’re a big challenge for any team!

Telugu Kabaddi Squad

Telugu IKL Raiders

  • Pawan Sherawat
  • Ratan G
  • Prafull Zaware
  • Omkar Patil
  • Robin Chaudhary

Telugu IKL Defenders

  • Sandeep Dheull
  • Parvesh Bhainswal
  • Gaurav Dahiya
  • Ankit
  • Mohit Narwal
  • Nitin
  • Ajit Pawar
  • Mohit
  • Milad Jabbari

Telugu All Rounders

  • Sanjeevi S
  • Hamid nader
  • Shankar Gadai
  • Omkar R.

Jaipur Kabaddi Squad

Jaipur IKL Raiders

  • Rahul Chaudhari
  • Bhavani Rajput
  • Amir hossein
  • Mohammad Maleki
  • Arjun Deshwal
  • V Ajith Kumar
  • Navneet
  • Shubham Shelke
  • Abhijeet Malik
  • Akshaykumar Soni

Jaipur IKL Defenders

  • Sunil Kumar
  • Sumit
  • Ankush
  • Lavish
  • Sahul Kumar
  • Lucky Sharma
  • Ashish
  • Abhishek KS
  • Reza Mirbagheri

Telugu vs Jaipur IKL 10 Vision11 Match Prediction

At the start of the game, both teams are gonna fight to be in control. The attackers are being brave and going into the other team’s area, while the defenders are staying strong and stopping them. The tackles are really intense and the attackers are quick and nimble. It’s so exciting to watch! Every point scored shows how skilled and determined the players are. It’s a game of strategy and strength! Stay update on Fantasy Kabaddi App!

Telugu Team Predicted Performance

The Telgu have a really strong team with experienced players and talented newcomers. They’re a force to be reckoned with because they have both skill and strength. The Warriors are determined to win and show everyone what they’re made of!

Jaipur Team Predicted Performance

The Jaipur are a really tough team that’s hard to beat. They have great leaders and a lot of passionate fans supporting them. Jaipur really wants to win and show that they’re the best in Kabaddi. They’re ready to take on any challenge! Let’s see what they can do!

Tips and Tricks for Excelling in Fantasy Kabaddi Contests :

Team Composition: Build a balanced team with a mix of raiders, defenders, and all-rounders. Avoid relying too heavily on star players and consider selecting underrated players who have the potential to perform well.

Captain and Vice-Captain Selection: Choose your captain and vice-captain wisely as they earn double and 1.5 times the points, respectively. Opt for players who have a track record of consistent performances and are likely to have a significant impact on the match.

Monitor Player News: Stay updated on player news, injuries, team changes, and match schedules. Being aware of any developments that may affect player availability or performance can help you make informed decisions when selecting your fantasy team.


After the match, as players shake hands and fans cheer, Kabaddi shows its true spirit. It brings people together, no matter where they’re from. It celebrates qualities like bravery, never giving up, and playing fair. The Telgu and Jaipur inspire us all with their love for the game. They leave a legacy that will motivate future generations.

FAQ’s ?

What do users do on Vision 11?

Users can compete against other players on Vision 11. They join contests with other participants

Can users compete against other players on Vision 11?

They join contests with other participants, and their fantasy teams compete against each other based on the real-life performances of the players they've selected.

Name one feature of Vision 11.

One feature of Vision 11 is the ability to select a captain and vice-captain for your fantasy team.

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