Delhi vs Tamil IKL 10 Match: Vision11 Prediction And Analysis

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The Delhi and Tamil’s match in the Indian Kabaddi League 2024 is going to be so intense and thrilling. Fans are in for a treat as they witness the incredible display of skill, strategy, and athleticism. Both teams have a remarkable history in the league and always deliver unforgettable performances. This match is highly anticipated and promises to be an epic event! Get ready for some heart-pounding action! The Indian Kabaddi League Schedule is gonna be super thrilling this year.

Delhi vs Tamil IKL 10 Match Details

Date: 14th February
Day: Wednesday
Venue: Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata
Time: 8:00 PM

Delhi vs Tamil IKL 10 Players Overview

Delhi Kabaddi Squad

Delhi IKL Raiders

  • Manjeet
  • Meetu Sharma
  • Ashu Malik
  • Suraj Panwar
  • Manu

Delhi IKL Defenders

  • Vishal Bhardwaj
  • Sunil
  • Balasaheb Jadhav
  • Nitin Chandel
  • Vijay
  • Himmat Antil
  • Ashish
  • Yogesh
  • Vikrant
  • Felix Li
  • Yuvraj Pandya
  • Mohi

Delhi All Rounders

  • Ashish Sangwan
  • Aakash Prasher
  • Rahul Kumar

Tamil Kabaddi Squad

Tamil IKL Raiders

  • Selvamani K
  • Ajinkya Pawar
  • Vishal Chahal
  • Himanshu Narwal
  • Himanshu Singh
  • Nitin Singh
  • Narender
  • Jatin
  • Sathish Kannan
  • Masanamuthu Lakshnanan

Tamil IKL Defenders

  • M. Abishek
  • Himanshu
  • Sagar
  • Aashish
  • Mohit
  • Sahil Gulia
  • Amirhossein Bastami
  • Ronak
  • Nitesh Kumar
  • Mohammadreza Kaboudrahangi

Tamil All Rounders

  • Ritik

Delhi vs Tamil IKL 10 Vision11 Match Prediction

As the match begins, the excitement in the air is electrifying! The tension is so thick you can practically feel it. It’s all about the pursuit of glory and the quest for supremacy! Get ready for some thrilling plays and game-changing moments on Fantasy Kabaddi App that could decide the outcome.

Delhi Team Predicted Performance

Delhi is all set to rock the arena with their confident coach and dynamic captain. They’re known for their aggressive style of play and smart strategies. With their speed, agility, and power, they dominate their opponents. It’s going to be an electrifying showdown on the kabaddi mat! Get ready for some heart-pounding action!

Tamil Team Predicted Performance

The Tamil team with their smart coach and inspiring captain, they use their speed, clever attacks, and strong defence to outplay their opponents.

Some Strategies To Do Well On A Fantasy Kabaddi App:

Follow expert opinions: Keep an eye on expert opinions and analysis of the matches. They often provide valuable insights and predictions that can help you make better decisions while selecting your team.

Monitor player performance: Stay updated with the performance of the players in real-time. This will allow you to make any necessary changes to your team during the matches, maximizing your chances of earning more points.

Manage Your Budget: Manage your budget effectively by selecting players who offer good value for money based on their past performances and current form. Avoid overspending on high-profile players if it compromises the overall strength of your team.


For fans of the Indian Kabaddi League, the clash between Delhi and Tamil is more than just a match; it’s an unforgettable journey into the heart and soul of a sport that continues to capture the imagination of millions around the world.

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