Bengal vs Puneri Paltan IKL 10 Match: Vision11 Prediction And Analysis

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The Tamil and Puneri Paltan are going head-to-head in the Indian Kabaddi League. It’s a thrilling clash filled with skill, strategy, and determination. Get ready for an exciting battle that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!. It’s gonna be a thrilling display of Kabaddi skills and smart moves! Can’t wait to see it! As the match starts, the crowd inside the stadium is buzzing with excitement. Fans from both teams cheer loudly, showing their strong support. It’s a thrilling atmosphere! The Indian Kabaddi League Schedule is going to bring a lot of fun and excitement.

Bengal vs Puneri Paltan IKL 10 Match Details

Date: 14th February
Day: Wednesday
Venue: Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata
Time: 9:00 PM

Bengal vs Puneri Paltan IKL 10 Players Overview

The Bengal show their never-give-up attitude and style. They have a team with both experienced players and talented newcomers. The Puneri Paltan have a strong history of excellence and are known for their smart strategies.They’re a big challenge for any team!

Bengal Kabaddi Squad

Bengal IKL Raiders

  • Maninder Singh
  • Srikanth Jadhav
  • Vishwas S
  • Suyog Gaikar
  • R Guhan
  • Prashant Kumar
  • Aslam Thambi
  • Maharudra Gajre
  • Nitin Kumar
  • Chai-Ming Chang

Bengal IKL Defenders

  • Shubham Shinde
  • Jaskirat Singh
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Kapil Gujar
  • Vaibhav Gajre
  • Harsh Lad
  • Aditya S. Shinde
  • Deepak Arjun Shinde

Bengal All Rounders

  • Akshay Bharat

Puneri Paltan Kabaddi Squad

Puneri Paltan IKL Raiders

  • Pankaj Mohite
  • Mohit Goyat
  • Nitin R
  • Aakash Shinde
  • Aditya Shinde

Puneri Paltan IKL Defenders

  • Sanket Sawant
  • Abhinesh Nadarajan
  • Badal Singh
  • Gaurav Khatri
  • Vaibhav Kambal
  • Dadaso Pujari
  • Tushar Dattatray
  • Adhavade
  • Ishwar
  • Hardeep
  • Vahid RezaEimeh

Puneri Paltan All Rounders

  • Mohammadreza Chiyaneh
  • Aslam Mustafa Inamdar
  • Ahmed Enamda

Bengal vs Puneri Paltan IKL 10 Vision11 Match Prediction

The match begins and the arena is filled with excitement! Fans from both teams cheer loudly, showing their support. It’s an intense and thrilling atmosphere! At the start of the game, both teams are fighting to be in control.The tackles are really intense and the attackers are quick and nimble. It’s so exciting to watch! Every point scored shows how skilled and determined the players are. It’s a game of strategy and strength! Stay tuned on Fantasy Kabaddi App !

Bengal Team Predicted Performance

The Bengal are famous for their quick attacks, strong defense, and never-give-up mindset. They have inspiring captains and passionate fans. Bengal team players are determined to show their strength and make their mark in the league!

Puneri Paltan Team Predicted Performance

The Paltan earns respect with their aggressive play and strong desire to win. With talented raiders and determined defenders, Puneri Paltan enters the battle with a strong determination to conquer their opponents and emerge victorious in Kabaddi.

Winning Strategies for Fantasy Kabaddi player

Utilize Bonus Point Opportunities: Take advantage of bonus point opportunities offered by fantasy Kabaddi platforms, such as bonus points for successful raids, tackles, and other game-related achievements. Strategically select players who have a track record of earning bonus points consistently.

In-Game Adaptation: Stay flexible and be prepared to adapt your team strategy during live matches. Monitor the game closely and make timely substitutions or changes to your team lineup based on player performances and game dynamics.

Continuous Learning: Keep learning and evolving as a fantasy Kabaddi player. Analyze your team selections and performance after each match to identify areas for improvement and refine your strategies for future contests.


For fans of the Indian Kabaddi League, the clash between Delhi and Jaipur is more than just a match; it’s an unforgettable journey into the heart and soul of a sport that continues to capture the imagination of millions around the world.

FAQ’s ?

What type of teams do users create on Vision 11?

On Vision 11, users create fantasy sports teams, primarily focusing on cricket.

Is Vision 11 a fantasy sports platform?

Yes, Vision 11 is indeed a fantasy sports platform.

Vision 11 is popular primarily in India.

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